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(destructive unseasonable) (of climate) of The sort that is certainly to generally be anticipated for a specific time of year. tydig مُلائِم، في أوانِه подходящ за сезона da época obvyklý (v tomto období) zeitgemäß sæsonmæssig; som passer til årstiden ανάλογος προς την εποχή (για καιρό) propio de la estación aastaajale vastav مناسب فصل vuodenajan mukainen de saisonעונתי उपयुक्त, संगत koji odgovara određenom dobu godine az évszaknak megfelelő sesuai dengan musim einkennandi fyrir ákveðið tímabil/árstíð di stagione 季節にふさわしい 계절이 알맞은 būdingas/įprastas kuriam nors satisfiedų laikui piemērots/raksturīgs gadalaikam lazimnya passend bij het seizoen som passer til årstida odpowiedni dla danej pory دموسم سره سم، په وخت برابر، پرځاى، په وخت da época de sezon соответствующий времени года (v tomto období) obvyklý ki ustreza letnemu času sezonski typiskt för årstiden ถูกต้องตามฤดูกาล mevsime uygun (天氣)合時宜的 своєчасний; доречний موسم کے لیے موزوں hợp thời vụ, thích hợp 合时宜的

Greeks, how could I define this? I won't repeat what many other definitions have explained, like "Greeks invented almost everything" or "Are opposites to Turks." In truth, they have got invented great bases with the world to evolve on, like philosophy or democracy - but I assure you, that's not anything. And It might be good the Greek's mentality could go forward and get over the issues with Turkey.

In the meantime, Rusty’s Honors Physics midterm has developed in scope, forcing him into various all-nighters, he finally caves and seeks out Cappie who details him while in the path of a cheating hotline.

Casey and Cappie attempt to stay away from each other. Evan's parents want him to hunt counseling before continuing to take pleasure in his have confidence in fund, but he decides to show it down. Ashleigh uncovers Fisher's mystery.

In the second 50 % in the poem, Hesiod describes with Considerably practical depth the kind of work suitable to every part of the calendar and describes ways to established about it. The outline of The agricultural yr is enlivened by a vivid emotion for your rhythm of human daily life plus the forces of mother nature, through the overpowering Wintertime storm, which drives gentleman back into his home, for the parching warmth of summer time, during which he should have respite from his labours.

Casey symptoms up click here for the LSAT prep class, enlisting Evan's support, only to find her coronary heart's not into becoming a lawyer. Ashleigh overspends on her bank card.

) Nonetheless, their rule didn't last: The classical time period brought with it a check here series of political reforms that created the system known as demokratia, or “rule with the folks.”

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” That his epics gained renown in the course of his life time is shown by his participation in the contest of tunes for the funeral video games of Amphidamas at Chalcis about the island of Euboea. This, he suggests, was the only real celebration on which he crossed The ocean, but it's unlikely to happen to be the only real invitation he been given from places besides his hometown of Ascra, in the vicinity of Mount Helicon.

The warmth is much more tolerable while in the coastal regions and islands. That is since winds blow all through summer season. At times the meltemia (north winds ) are blowing. And in some cases a breeze is blowing throughout the day, The ocean breeze, and at night the afternoon breeze. Compared with the times, Greek summer season nights are offered on exiting and entertainment. The nights are dry but will also neat. A feeling of a gentle afternoon breeze.

period, length of time, time period - an amount of time; "a time period of 30 a long time"; "hastened the time period of his Restoration"; "Picasso's blue interval"

season - make additional temperate, appropriate, or suitable by introducing something click here else; moderate; "she tempered her criticism"

one. (Astronomy) on the list of 4 equal intervals into which the 12 months is split because of the equinoxes and solstices, resulting from the obvious motion with the Sunshine north and south in the equator during the system of your earth's orbit all over it.

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